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JCR Improves Hungaryʼs Outlook To Positive

02. 23. 2016. 14:32

Tokyo-based Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) has improved the outlook of Hungaryʼs long-term issuer ratings from stable to positive, the National Economy Ministry (NGM) announced yesterday. More...

Key results of CCI of Fejér County

02. 22. 2016. 16:32

Key results of FMKIK:

ISO 9001: 2008 since 2004, operation according to ISO 14001:2004 standard since 2015

2006 'Committed to Excellence' recognition in Europe

2009 'Recognised for Excellence' recognition in Europe

2009 First Rank European Enterprise Awards Hungarian National Round

2015 German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Training Award

Philosophy, mission, vision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County

02. 22. 2016. 12:25

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County shall set an ideal example of the operation of economic self-government and propagate decent entrepreneurial behaviour as a value.

The Greenest Chamber

02. 22. 2016. 12:21

The House of Economy is an Energy Model House, which not only brings the attention to energy efficient solutions of generations  but serves as benchmark of sustainable development. House of Economy For a More Sustainable Behaviour – Pilot Project in Fejér County aims to promote the general public environmental awareness and energy consciousness. 


IEER Monthly Economic Bulletin - January 2016

02. 17. 2016. 10:39

The Bulletin's new series kicks off with an extensive survey on public (fostered) workers. The survey, conducted autumn last year, finds. that most companies surveyed have not been involved in public work programmes at all and those that have been, evaluated the impact on their business negatively. The January issue also looks at the crisis of the Brazilian economy and predicts that  negative trends are not likely to turn around in 2016. Read or download the full Bulletin.

Get Export Ready

10. 24. 2013. 07:56

Do you want to increase profits? Are you looking for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors but haven’t found suitable business partners yet?

Strengthen your market position and competitive ability on the international front. Go international beyond European borders.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County compiled a book of the region’s enterprises determined for international growth.

We invite you to be our partner in this process and help us in our endeavour, so that we can in turn contribute to your success.


Get Export Ready



In the heart of Europe

10. 18. 2013. 15:39

Due to strong industry, the success of privatization and increased interest of foreign capital, Fejér county's economy - with the support by the Chamber - has achieved significant growth in a short period of time. The county's economy was strong before the transition years as well. This was partly due to the former allocation of industry. Four of the industrial "flagships" of the state socialism was operating here: Videoton with electronic profile, Köfém engaged in aluminum industry, the Ikarus bus factory and the ironworks Dunai Vasmű. This was the base for the later investments of foreign capital. In the first stage the main attraction of the area was high-volume low-cost, skilled labour capable of and used to rapid technological changes. In addition to the existing plants, the most serious attraction was the portfolio of highly skilled engineers and professionals that had become available because of liquidation of the big companies.

Fejér county – Business and recreation in one place!

10. 18. 2013. 11:35

Fejér county provides unique opportunities in terms of culture and recreation, which can be an unexploited treasure for businessmen coming here, as it is not only business or investment potentials the county has to offer.

The ecological features of the county are remarkable. Three picturesque mountain ranges (Bakony Mountains, Vértes and Velence Mountains) provide many opportunities for hiking. The county is bordered by the Danube on the east, allowing transport by water. The biggest lake of the county is the shallow Lake Velence, and not only water-sports lovers are fascinated by its marvellous fauna and flora.


The economy and business environment of Fejér county

04. 05. 2013. 10:46

Hungary is located in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin. The country has seven regions, one of which is the Central Transdanubian region occupying 11 117 km2 in the central part of Transdanubia.

The region is made up of three counties located in Hungary's historic center: Fejér, Komárom-Esztergom and Veszprém counties. Important railways, roads and highways cross and navigable river segments define the area. 11 percent of the country's population live in the Central Transdanubian region, meaning more than 1.1 million people, of which 426 thousand live in Fejér county.

Expectations did not change in the last three months

12. 11. 2006. 07:13
November was the third month when the value of the seasonally adjusted GKI-Wallis economic sentiment index stagnated. According to the survey of GKI Economic Research Co. (www.gki.hu) - supported by the European Union - this is true for both the consumer and the business confidence indices, although the former tends to deteriorate, while the latter tends to improve.